Make The Switch: Dump coal by dumping Westpac!

12 Jan



Westpac Ponsonby protest 5/12/13

Westpac has ducked demands from and Coal Action Network Aotearoa to stop funding Bathurst Resources, which plans to destroy much of the Denniston Plateau, one of New Zealand’s top 50 most bio-diverse areas. Westpac claims the money it loaned was not specifically for the planned Denniston mine, although statements from the company show that Westpac’s funding made the mine possible.

After more than a year of campaigning, the government has finally agreed to protect part of the plateau, however the planned mine is still expected to wipe out many unique species as some of them only live on part of the plateau.

Westpac’s response is not good enough and this year we are stepping up the campaign.

Major lenders such as the World Bank and European Investment fund have announced they will no longer fund coal fired power plants. If Westpac won’t divest from highly destructive coal mines, we’ll divest from Westpac!

If you’re a Westpac customer and keen to save Denniston by changing banks, register your interest here:


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