This week tell Westpac to Dump Denniston!

30 Nov



Australian-owned mining company Bathurst Resources plans to turn much of the spectacular Denniston Plateau, one of New Zealand’s most unique and ecologically diverse areas into an open cast coal mine, wiping out many of our most unique species and contributing to climate change. And Westpac is financing them, despite the fact that the mine is unlikely to be economically viable and will probably close within a few years, after irreversible damage has been done but before any of the promised benefits have been delivered.

Tell Westpac that financing this mine is not compatible with their stated sustainability goals and they must call in this loan!

Thursday Dec 5th Ponsonby Westpac, 172-176 Ponsonby Road, Auckland  12-2pm
Saturday Dec 7th Newmarket Westpac,  298 Broadway, Auckland 11am-1pm

More Information

Write a letter to Westpac

Declining demand for coking coal: why the mine doesn’t make economic sense

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