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Letters to the editor in response to NZSO protest

4 Oct

One of the patrons of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra took exception to our presence at the final concert in the ‘Solid Energy Tour’. He was annoyed enough to write to the editor of the New Zealand Herald.

NZ Herald, 1 October 2012

This elicited a number of letters in response, supporting the stance taken by Auckland Coal Action in pointing out the dangers of coal and describing coal sponsorship as akin to tobacco sponsorship.

The following were all published in the NZ Herald’s letters to the editor page on 4 October 2012.

NZ Herald, 4 October 2012

Update, 19 October 2012:

At our second protest of Solid Energy sponsorship, Mike and Lynne met in person for the first time. Both were good sports, despite having disagreed so vehemently in print.